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I can do all things through Him

who strengthens me

Support Group

You are not alone.

Grief share can help you find a support group where you can not only understand grief, but find a safe place where you can get support while navigating a season of loss.

Support Group Meeting



Flowers are great, but most families that are grieving need several unexpected things.

Here are some ideas if you are trying to love on someone in your community:

Notebook and Pen

Notebook by the door

Often times, loved ones, neighbors, and even strangers stop by the homes of those grieving to help, and bring food & gifts. Leave a notebook for visitors to sign in. This also helps with thank you cards.

Credit Card

Gift Cards

Between grieving and planning memorial services, it's nice for a grieving family to be able to run and grab a quick bite to eat somewhere or to be able to pick up anything from the store without having to worry about any additional financial hassle. 

Image by Alexas_Fotos


Many homes are filled with extra company which means more behinds to clean. Also, the simple day to day things such as bathing can get lost in the pain to "to-do's" following losing a loved one. Any assist in this area will help!

Bag of Groceries

Healthy Food

During this time of such pain and confusion, an appetite is often lost. While comfort food is needed, most grieving souls can go days with no food without realizing it. Nourishment is even more important during this time. Bringing some easy to grab fruit, salads or a healthy soup will sure help them.

Image by Pixel Rich


(with lotion)

So much crying leads to a dry nose. They need the lotion--it's an important detail. AND garbage bags. With extra company and food comes garbage bags!

Paper Plate

Paper Plates & Other Disposables

The last thing a grieving family wants to do is the dishes. This is especially true when they have extra company around during their time of grief. Paper plates, cups, bowls, silverware, and napkins are a great way to ease that burden.

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